This site is developed and maintained by David R. Hunter, Ph.D.

Prior to my retirement from government service in 2004, I was the Principal Scientist for Human Performance at the Office of Aerospace Medicine, Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC. Since then I have worked in a variety of settings, while still pursuing my independent research activities and providing consulting services.

I created and maintain this site to make pilots better aware of the effects of human factors on their behavior, with the goal of improving general aviation safety.

You may reach me through email at: drhunter3000 (at)



If you need assistance with a project involving aviation psychology or human factors, I can provide research, design, analysis, and other consulting services based on over 40 years of experience as an applied psychologist.

My previous projects have included:

  • Pilot selection
  • Development and validation of psychological tests
  • Experimental design and statistical analysis
  • Survey development and analysis -- both internet-based and paper-and-pencil
  • Assessment of the impact of psychological variables on aviation safety
  • Motion sickness assessment and attentuation
  • International aviation data collection


You may access a complete list of my more recent publications here. Many of these publications are available for download.