151687 Aviation Human Factors: Pilot Judgment

Pilot Judgment Inventory

In this assessment, you will be given up to 30 descriptions of flight scenarios developed from real experiences reported to us through previous studies.  Each scenario contains a description of the situation, and four courses of action which could be taken in response to the problem posed in the situation.   

For the purposes of this assessment, you may assume that you are flying a leased Cessna 172, and that this is a personal (not commercial) flight.  

There are no completely right or wrong answers, and you are not being asked to do anything illegal in any of the possible courses of action.  You are simply to decide which is the best of several plausible courses of action to take in a given situation.

To allow us to interpret the responses, we asked a group of experienced flight instructors to tell us what they would RECOMMEND as the best course of action for a low-time, non-instrument rated private pilot in each of these situations.

This assessment is divided into three parts -- each consisting of 10 flight scenarios. You can take all three parts, or just one or two. After you complete each part, you will return to this page. You can then start the next part, or you can see how well your responses matched the recommendations of our group of flight instructors.   

For the most accurate assessment of your pilot judgment skills, complete all three parts, and make a note of your score from each part.

.Did you complete all three Parts? See how your total score compares to the national average.