Pilot Judgment Inventory

Part 2

For each of these situations, choose what you would do in these circumstances. Don't try to pick the "right" answer -- just be honest with yourself and pick the alternative that you would most likely choose in this situation.


11   While en route you want to find out what is going on along the weather pattern you observe ahead. You decide to:
  Call an airport tower below and ask.
  Call FSS and ask.
  Find the ATC frequency, call and ask them.
  Identify an airplane ahead and ask for a PIREP
12   You have been away for five days and are returning to the Justin County Airport to return the 172 to the friend who loaned it to you and pick up your car. The weather is clear and cold as forecast and a white blanket covers the ground. When you near the Justin County Airport, you notice the runway has not been cleared. You cannot tell how deep the snow is, but the county road is fairly clear except for a small strip of snow down the middle. You decide to:
  Divert to the Regional Airport and return the plane another day.
  Land, but hold the airplane off the runway until is in a full stall, and keep the nose wheel off the ground as long as possible.
  Make a normal landing, but don’t touch the brakes unless absolutely necessary
  First, do a touch and go to see how deep the snow is keeping your airspeed up and the nose wheel off the ground. If control is no problem, land.
13   You just checked in with approach on 124.9 after a long solo cross country before entering ARSA. Listening to traffic being vectored, it becomes apparent the FedEx flights are all returning just ahead of you, and it could be 20 minutes before you land at the Regional Airport where you rented this airplane. The problem is you have to urinate and can’t wait the 20 minutes plus taxi time. Your trusty relief bottle is in the pouch behind the front passenger seat. You decide to:
  Continue to follow vectors, get out the bottle and use it.
  Tell approach of your problem and request landing priority.
  Get clearance outside ARSA, find a safe area to loiter and use the bottle.
  Divert to the Justin County Airport which you overflew 16 NM back and land.
14   You are on short final at an uncontrolled airfield with one other airplane in the pattern and have not completed your checklist. You decide to:
  Check the flap setting and land.
  Go around
  Check the mixture and land.
  Keep your head out of the cockpit and land.
15   The early afternoon ramp temperature at the Regional Airport is already 94 degrees and the inside of the airplane is like an oven. You are flying your mother up to your sister’s to be with her during surgery this evening. Your mother is afraid the hot airplane will make her airsick, so would you please spend as little time on the ground in the heat as possible. You are parked on the Aircraft Rental and Leasing ramp and see 10 aircraft lining up on the south taxiway for a runway 09 takeoff. Winds are 060/12. You decide to:
  Start and follow the traffic to runway 09.
  Start and ask for a runway 35 takeoff.
  Start and request an intersection takeoff on runway 09.
  Delay going to the airplane until traffic has cleared.
16   You are at a rancher friend’s private airstrip and he asks you to fly him in his 172 to check on his cattle (his foot is in a cast). Weather appears to be around 3000 feet overcast with widely scattered showers within eyesight. You decide to:
  Go with what you see.
  Telephone the FSS for a briefing.
  Call to the local radio station for the forecast.
  Ask the rancher what you should do.
17   You have stopped for gas at a small airstrip and are loaded with cargo. You can only fuel to 30 gallons in the tanks and keep under the airplane’s max gross weight. A 30 gallon load will just enable you to make it home with the required reserve without another fuel stop. You have no calibrated dip stick and have a new attendant to pump the gas for you. You decide to:
  Fill it using the gages to read 3/4 full.
  Fill it full then have the attendant drain off the difference between the tanks capacity and 30 gallons.
  Leave the problem entirely to the attendant.
  Use a calibrated stick the attendant has in the office that is from an earlier model 172
18   You have planned a four plus hour cross country and the weather could easily force you into rather undesirable routes which would take you over rough and desolate country. To match the best weather and route combination, you decide to:
  Select the route with which you feel the most comfortable and have the weather forecaster give you the forecast and if VFR is not recommended, repeat this process until you have a VFR route.
  Tell the forecaster your departure point, destination and have him select the best route.
  Give the forecaster three routes and have him give you the weather for each then you decide.
  Delay the flight until you get VFR weather over the primary route.
19   You are flying your boss from the Regional Airport to Planter’s County to appear as a witness before the Grand Jury. As you stop into the wind for your engine run up, your boss opens his door, leans out and vomits. When finished, he closes the door and says “Let’s go.” You have no airsick bags on board. You decide to:
  Takeoff and fly as planed to Planter’s County and find some suitable airsick bags for the return trip.
  Taxi back to the FBO, pick up some airsick bags and go.
  Tell the boss you will not fly until he assures you he is well enough to make the flight.
  Cancel the flight and taxi back.
20   You have paid for and been planning this flight to the Lodge Resort at the Lake for six months. The weather is forecast good VFR with a summer haze under 3000 feet and broken scattered clouds along the route of flight. The only problem is you know you have a minor summer cold. You can clear your ears and only feel a little achy with no headache. You decide to:
  Take the minimal dosage of cold tablets and go.
  Cancel the flight
  Call your doctor and ask for a prescription for medication.
  Stick a menthol inhaler in your pocket, take no other medication and go.