Pilot Judgment Inventory

Part 3

For each of these situations, choose what you would do in these circumstances. Don't try to pick the "right" answer -- just be honest with yourself and pick the alternative that you would most likely choose in this situation.


21   You are 20 NM outbound from Regional Airport flying solo to deliver two coolers of medical serum to an American Red Cross field team when departure control calls advising that someone reported a right wheel pant was found off the departure end of the runway and it looks like it may have separated from a 172 and is painted a white similar to the color of your airplane. You neither heard nor felt anything unusual on takeoff and both brake pedals feel normal when you apply them. You decide to
  Thank them for the call and ask it be delivered to Aircraft Rental and Leasing and continue your departure.
  Unfasten your seatbelt, slide over to the right seat and confirm if it is yours.
  Request clearance to return and request a fly-by the tower and have them determine if it is yours.
  Request clearance to return and land to inspect the airplane.
22   You need to depart the Planter’s County Airport at 6:00 AM for a one hour flight to return the rented aircraft to the Regional Airport before 7:00 AM. You slide the left seat back to climb in and start the preflight when the seat comes off of the slide tracks. You get the feet back on the track and they seem to hold. You notice that two screws that hold a keeper on the back of the track are missing and find one under the back seat. The local mechanic will not arrive for two or three hours. You decide to:
  Borrow a screwdriver, put in the screw and fly as is having the rental firm checked or fix the seat back at the Regional Airport.
  Wait until the mechanic arrives and have him fix the seat, then fly home.
  Skip the repairs and fly the trip home from the right seat.
  Go find a phone, call Aircraft Rental and Leasing and request guidance on what to do.
23   You have taken off solo from the Regional Airport for a 45 minute flight to the Planters County Airport and have leveled at 3500 feet when you hear a banging start on the right side of the airplane. Everything checks OK so you call the FBO and ask for advice. After a short period they ask you to find both ends of the right seat belt. You can only find one. You decide to:
  Reach over, open the right door, pull in the seatbelt and close the door.
  Return to the Regional Airport, land and pull in the seat belt.
  Continue and find an airspeed where the banging stops and continue to destination.
  Find the closest airport out of ARSA, land and pull in the seatbelt
24   You arrive at the rental airplane where the attendant (whom you know is a commercial pilot) says it is gassed to the top, preflighted and ready to start. He will stay and help until you leave the parking ramp. You decide to:
  Thank him, check the fuel tanks, oil , then climb in and start.
  Scan the airplane for any obvious errors, climb in the plane, and check the fuel gages. If they show full, begin your preflight at engine start.
  Take out your checklist and do a complete preflight.
  Do a fast walk around especially checking the fuel tanks and caps, oil stick and all doors closed.
25   You are cruising at 2500 feet on a beautiful clear day 10 miles out enroute to the Planters County Airport with your best friend then he/she asks “What do you do if the engine quits?” You decide to:
  Pull the mixture and show how the engine can be restarted
  Pull on the carb heat, bring the throttle to idle and demonstrate a forced landing to a low approach
  Tell your friend about what you would do.
  Wait until you are over the uncontrolled airfield and demo a forced landing to a full stop.
26   You are planning a cross country which will require a fuel stop. In what order would you consider the following factors in selecting the airport at which to stop
  The amenities (restrooms, food service, loaner car, etc.)
  The pilot support facilities (FSS access, weather station, etc.)
  The size of the airport and its congestion ( those factors that make for slow fuel stops).
  The cost of the fuel or the method for payment
27   Three of your closest friends have bought you a choice ticket and are paying for you to rent this airplane and fly the four of you the 180 miles up to the university in the morning for the “BIG” early afternoon football game, then back in the early evening. Another friend will meet you at the college airport and drive all of you to the game and back. Departure weather was overcast 3000 ft ceiling with 5 miles and light haze with temperatures in the 60s. Pilots flying the same route reported enroute weather as occasional 1500 ft ceilings with 3 miles visibility and scattered showers. The College Airport is clear with bright sunshine. Forty-five miles from the College Airport you have descended to 1000 feet staying just below the ceilings and encounter rain dropping visibility to under 3 miles. The terrain is flat farmland with no published obstacles above 250 ft tall. You decide to:
  Remain under the clouds, keep visual contact with the ground and scoot through
  Do a 180 and return home.
  Divert to the Madison County Airport located at 7 o’clock 50 NM and wait for the worst weather to pass.
  Put it to a vote.
28   You are halfway in a two hour late evening flight from the Regional Airport cruising at 4500 feet over a route with an MEA of 1500 feet. The weather has been clear as forecast when without any warning you find yourself in a cloud. You decide to:
  Continue straight ahead for a while and see what happens
  Make a 180 degree level turn and get out.
  Start a wings level shallow descent to get under it.
  Start a wings level climb to get on top.
29   The enroute weather briefing for the three hour cross country was for scattered thunderstorms along the route of flight, and sure enough there is a cluster of cells developing dead ahead on your route of flight. Other clusters have sprung up on each side of you, and behind all close to 20 miles away. You decide to
  Proceed looking for a route around or through the rain shafts which will allow you to remain VFR
  Fly upwind of any cloud build ups and stay VFR.
  If the downwind route around dark cells is the only clear way, keep at least 20 miles from the closest cell
  Find an airport below in VMC, land, and wait until the thunderstorms pass and the route is clear.
30   It had rained all day, but the front pushed south of you and cleared the skies. You are out with two friends on a sight seeing trip to the hills 40 miles away and plan to be back before dark. With sunset still an hour away you notice ground fog beginning to form. You decide to:
  Apply full power and race back to the home airport
  Call Flight Watch and cruise back home.
  Call on your home airfield’s CATF to see if anyone is there and can tell you what the weather is doing
  Go directly to an airport you know is closer than your home airport, land and find out what the weather is doing.