International Publications

This is a selection of documents and guides produced by various of the civil aviation authorities around the world. Mainly, they are aimed at improving the safety of smaller operators. However, there are some documents of general interest.

These are only a few out of a great many publications from the various authorities. If you see something useful, I suggest you go to the web site of the originating authority (they are all listed on the Links page) and see what other documents are available.

For many of these documents, the originating authority has retained copyright, but allows reproduction and distribution when in the public interest -- specifically, to reduce aviation accidents. Therefore, these documents are NOT in the public domain, and you should abide by restrictions noted in the documents or contact the originating authority if you wish to reproduce or distribute a document.



Aviation Safety Bibliography (1993) Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD)
Airside Safety Management (CAP642) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Fuel Exhaustion and Starvation (2003) Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Safety Climate (2003) Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Threat and Error Management (2009) Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Teaching and Assessing Single Pilot Human Factors and Threat and Error Management Civil Aviation Authority (Australia)
Human Factors Analysis of Australian Aviation Accidents and Comparison with the United States (2004) Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Human Factors of Aircraft Accidents (1996) Bureau of Air Safety Investigators (Australia)

Global Fatal Accident Review (CAP681)

Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Teaching and Assessing Single Pilot Human Factors (2008) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Aviation Safety Review 1992-2001 (CAP 735) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Review of General Aviation Fatal Accidents (CAP667) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance (CAP 718) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Fundamental Human Factors Concepts (CAP 719) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Crew Resource Management (CAP 737) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Chief Pilot Guide Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Crew Resource Management (CRM) Training (CAP737) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Flight Crew Training: Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) and Line-Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) (CAP720) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
GAIN Handbook Global Aviation Information Network.
ICAO (2005) Safety management.. International Civil Aviation Organization
Introduction to Safety Management Systems Transport Canada
Risk Management Transport Canada
Safety Management 1 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia)
Safety Management 2 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia)
Safety Management 3 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia)
Safety Management System Assessment Guide Transport Canada
Safety Management Systems for Air Traffic management (CAP730) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Safety Management Systems for Commercial Air Transport Operations (CAP712) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)
Surveillance Procedures Manual for Safety Audits Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia)
Global Fatal Accidents(2006) (CAP776) Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom)