Aviation Hazard Perception Test


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Remember to look for hazards that could be of actual or potential danger to the safety of the flight.

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Summary of the Video. In this video you saw a relatively inexperienced pilot conducting his first flight into a new area -- an area that may present hazards that he has not seen before. His discussion of the weather briefing suggests that he is not familiar with some of the local weather conditions, such as virga, which can produce strong downdrafts. In addition, high winds passing over the rugged mountains along his route can also produce downdrafts, in addition to the turbulence that concerns his passenger.

Based on those facts, you might have chosen to identify the hazards shown in the table below.

You may have noticed other hazards, or you may have chosen to rate the hazards differently. That is okay, since everyone may interpret the scenarios slightly differently. Just look at each of the videos and use your best judgment as to what hazards you think are present.


Possible Hazard Ratings for the Example Video

Category Hazard Hazard Rating
P1 Experience 4 - severe hazard
P2 Skill level 3 - moderate hazard
P3  Fatigue 0 - No Hazard
P4  Distraction 1 - very slight hazard
P5   Illness 0 - No Hazard
P6 Attitude/Personality 1 - very slight hazard
P7 Physical Condition 0 - No Hazard
A1  Fuel management 0 - No Hazard
 A2 Flaps 0 - No Hazard
 A3 Gear 0 - No Hazard
 A4 Mixture 0 - No Hazard
 A5 Comm Radios 0 - No Hazard
A6 Nav Radios 0 - No Hazard
 A7 GPS 0 - No Hazard
 A8 Engine Performance 3 - moderate hazard
A9 Gross Weight 0 - No Hazard
A10 Weight and Balance 0 - No Hazard
 V1 Deteriorating weather 0 - No Hazard
 V2 Ceiling height 0 - No Hazard
 V3 Visibility 0 - No Hazard
 V4 Winds 4 - severe hazard
 V5 Precipitation 4 - severe hazard
 V6 Icing 0 - No Hazard
 V7 Turbulence 2 - slight hazard
 V8 Density Altitude 3 - moderate hazard
 V9 Darkness 0 - No Hazard
 V10 Terrain 3 - moderate hazard
 E1 Passenger pressures 1 - very slight hazard
 E2 Organizational pressures 0 - No Hazard
 E3  External distractions 0 - No Hazard