An internet course for General Aviation, Commercial, and Military Pilots
and all those responsible for conducting safe aviation

This course was developed by the National Weather Association's Aviation Weather Committee, and placed in the public domain.

All of the material from the National Weather Association's course is reproduced here, with minimal editing. This program was developed in 2003, so many of the web links are no longer valid. If there is a reference to a web link in the text, but there is no corresponding hyperlink, that is because when I tested the links they didn't work.

The material is also available directly from the National Weather Association's web site:

Lesson 1: Basic Cold Weather Meteorology and Terms
 Lesson 2: Avoiding Winter-Weather Hazards in the Terminal Area
 Lesson 3: Avoiding Enroute Winter Hazards
 Lesson 4: Aircraft Accidents caused by Winter Weather Hazards