New Zealand Training Programs


The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, in cooperation with the Aviation Industry Association, and AirCare, produced two DVD-based training programs related to risk management and aeronautical decision making.

Both of these programs contain information that can improve the flight plannng and decision making of all pilots - not just those in New Zealand. The Aviation Industry Association, which holds the copyright for both these DVDs, has kindly granted me permission to duplicate the content and re-distribute it through this web site.

Although some of the terminology differs slightly from that used elsewhere, the concepts and guidance are certainly relevant to all pilots, everywhere.

Managing Risk in Aviation
  • Setting the context in which risk assessments are conducted
  • Identifying risks
  • Analyzing risks
  • Evaluating risk
  • Modifying risks
  • Monitoring and reviewing risks
An Aviator's Guide to Good Decision Making
  • Recognize the critical role of decision making
  • Be more aware o when they actually make a decision
  • Understand how the brain works when it is making decisions
  • Recognize wat helps or inders good decision making