On Landing

Several years ago the FAA, in cooperation with several other organizations (Transport Canada, The General Aviation Manufacturers Association, and Lycoming), produced three programs that dealt with landing. These programs consisted of a video (basically a slide show with narration) and an accompanying handout.

In reviewing the accident statistics we see a lot of landing accidents. They are usually not fatal since they typically involve fairly low speed (and hence low energy) collisions. However, some landing accidents, particularly undershooting the runway and putting yourself and the airplane in the trees, can be very serious and potentially fatal events.

These three programs give a really comprehensive refresher (or introduction, if you failed to pay attention to your flight instructor) to the very important task of putting the airplane back on the runway -- preferably in a condition that allows it to be flown again.

The three programs are:

On Landings Part I

  • undershooting
  • crosscontrol stalls
  • hard landings
  • porpoising
  • loss of directional control-problems encountered after reaching the runway
On Landings Part II
  • landing long
  • the poorly executed go-around
On Landings Part III
  • gear-up landings
  • handling landing gear emergencies
  • landing on wet or ice-contaminated runways
  • landing at night