Risk Assessment

The military services and many commercial operators use a structured procedure to assess the level of risk for each flight.  This assessment is based on the environmental conditions, the skill levels of the crew, and other factors that could contribute to higher than normal risk.

To accomplish the risk rating, each risk element is assigned a number - higher numbers indicate higher risk - and the ratings for each of the risk elements are summed to produce an overall risk assessment for that particular flight.   If the overall risk level is low, then the usual procedures are followed.  However, if the overall risk level is high, then extra precautions are taken to try and reduce or control the risk.

Select the link given below to download an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the Preflight Risk Assessment Form.  You can print this form from your computer and use it to assess the amount of risk before each flight. You can also downloadMicrosoft Word version of the form, if you would like a copy you can modify yourself.

Please keep in mind that this is an experimental form, and the numbers assigned to each of the risk elements and the ranges suggested for low, medium, and high overall risk are simply based on our expert judgment.  You may wish to change them to suit your particular situation.  If you do modify the form, please let us know.  We would really like to hear about how you have used this form and how effective it is in helping you identify and control risks. 

Preflight Risk Assessment (PDF version)
Preflight Risk Assessment (Word version)