Surface Safety

FAA initiated an extensive program to improve the safety of operations on and adjacent to airports. The materials listed here were contained in a CD produced by the FAA. A variety of materials, including videos, slide presentations, and brochures are available that address improved surface operations, primarily in terms of reducing runway incursions.

If you think you don't need any training on this, just try taking the Runway Safety Test. It may be a humbling experience.

For a start, check out the FAA's video on Airport Markings and Signs -- it's a good refresher.

Product Size
Slide Presentations (Flash Movie Format)  
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Introduction to Runway Safety 1.84 MB
Runway Incursion Analysis 340KB
Communications with ATC 1 MB
Understanding Signs 3.6 MB
Taxi Operations 1.7 MB
Surface Movement 531 KB
Runway Safety Test 1.4 MB
Taxi Operations Quiz 398 KB
Advisory Circulars & Misc Documents  
AC 90-66 Operations at Uncontrolled Airports 15 KB
AC 120-74 Taxi Operations 34 KB
AC 90-42 Operations at Uncontrolled Airports 23 KB
AC 91-73 Single Pilot Operations 53 KB
AC 150 Ground Operations 145 KB
Driving on the Airport Operations Area 27 KB
Vehicle Operator's Safety Guide 617 KB
NAFI Runway Safety Training Syllabus 143 KB